I help leaders and organisations tell stories so people will listen

  • “Tim has a gift for effectively synthesising complex messages into clear and understandable stories that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences and stakeholders. He also very effectively prepared me for multiple journalist interviews.”

    Innovation Lead, Visa Europe

  • “Tim’s is the voice any team wants to hear – calm, reasoned, logical and with a clear analysis of all factors. Tim was able to quickly distill the most pertinent facts and synthesise a strategy to maximise opportunities. He brings great value to any organisation, large or small, from blue-chip multinational to a founder’s start-up.”

    International MD, Consumer Technology Co.

  • “Tim proved himself to be an astute creative mind and his presence around any business challenge made us more able to solve it. This, combined with his ability to straddle corporate and consumer PR conversations, made Tim a strong commercial partner for us.”

    CEO, Leading Advertising Group


You may have a brilliant idea. You may have a great product or service. You might be an accomplished leader with an amazing team. But have you worked out what makes you truly different? What makes you unique? And how you can communicate that to everyone who needs to know?

I will help you work that out. I’ll then create and shape a narrative that will anchor your story in your purpose. It will clarify your strategy and articulate it in a way that will resonate across your organisation. And it will help you share the very best of you with the world outside.


The world is full of messages. It’s crowded. It’s noisy, complex. People are easily bored and can be cynical. You need to earn their attention and hold it. Getting your message to compete has never been more important, or more challenging. And your story deserves to be heard.

Understanding your audience – and what they want – is the first step. Then we’ll work out what you need to say to get the cut-through you desire. I’ll help you tell stories that are authentic, anchored in purpose and will resonate among all your audiences. Your message won’t just land. It will sing.


When you communicate, authenticity is everything. You need to be yourself. Because being yourself is the bedrock of trust. Without building trust, you’ll never achieve the impact you deserve. We’ll work out where you are coming from and where you want to take people. We’ll work out what you need to say and how you need to say it.

I’ll help you understand your natural strengths, so you can make more of them. Together, we’ll address the things that aren’t doing you any favours. You’ll still be you. But you will be a better version of you, telling your story with authenticity, authority and real impact.


Tim is a communicator with over 20 years experience working with leading corporations and the freshest startups. Tim’s early career was as a print and broadcast journalist, working with organisations from the National Magazine Company to the BBC. After a move into marketing and communications, he went on to hold senior roles with leading companies on the FTSE 100, NASDAQ and NIKKEI, including Vodafone and EA. Until 2014, he served as Vice President, Global Communications & PR at Sony Mobile. Tim now serves as an executive advisor and mentor to several startups and growth businesses. He continues to support companies in an interim capacity, most recently acting as Communications Director at Visa Europe’s London innovation hub.

With experience across brand, innovation, product marketing and public relations, Tim brings a holistic, partnership approach to every communications challenge.

An Accredited Practitioner of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Tim is committed to progressive, ethical practice. A trained actor and journalist, he recognises the value of authentic stories told well and delivered with personality. He now works personally with leaders all over the world, helping them to tell them so others will listen.

The result? Communications rooted in purpose that will align teams and build reputation. Messages which drive differentiation and deliver meaningful commercial value. Stories which make a difference.


I’m always happy to meet, explore interesting projects and chat with interesting people. And, of course, listen to your story.




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